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About Applelap - Apple Mac Repairs

AppleLap is a London based Apple mac repair service provider. We specialize in all models of Apple computers including; iPad, Mac laptops, iMac desktops and iPhone. Our objective is to provide you with the best possible apple Mac repair and upgrade service, whether you are residential customer or business client. We get your mac up and running to full speed without delay. We provide you with the same level of service, as you would expect for Apple, a properly repaired functioning mac. We employ highly trained technicians and engineers with hands-on experience required to handle any laptop problem affecting most apple macs.

Why Us for Your Apple Mac Repairs

AppleLap has the engineering expertise, resources, knowledge and skills required to handle the most difficult Apple mac problems. We respond to your requirements efficiently, and professionally, all our clients have access to Apple’s inventory of replacement.

Expert and Efficient iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone Repair and Support

AppleLap is proud to have a work force of the most capable Apple Mac specialists in the industry. From diagnoses to repair and support, our apple mac specialists have repaired several thousand apple mac systems, and solved innumerable specific hardware and software issues. Our Apple Mac service team periodically participates in Apple Mac technical training and certification programs. We are organized, equipped and have technology and personnel to guarantee you the highest quality of Apple mac repair and support.

AppleLap’s sales and support team is customer service oriented. We take pride in providing you with the most effective information possible. Our members of staff are sharp, competent and well equipped to handle any questions or concerns