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 Mac Pro Logic Board Repair

AppleLap UK offers affordable Mac pro logic board repair for problems brought by video related or chip issues. This is not because Apple provided you with a defective product or apple want to replace the logic board and charged you for a new one.mac pro logic board repair Your mac pro motherboard might fail due to overheating or other component level chip issues. The AppleLap UK, mac pro logic board repair team has broad technical knowledge in component level and chip level repair. With many years of experience, mac pro logic board repair technicians at the AppleLap UK Mac Repair Centre in London provide quick turnaround Apple Mac Pro logic board repair, replacement and troubleshooting services.

Our mac pro logic board repair technicians can replace your apple mac pro logic board or perform mac pro logic board upgrade. If you want to upgrade your mac pro motherboard or require apple logic board replacement services, call AppleLap UK mac pro logic board repair team, we troubleshoot, diagnose and fix all mac pro desktop computer models including Mid 2006, Mid 2008, Early 2009, Early 2010 and Mid 2012.

AppleLap UK Mac pro logic board repair can troubleshoot and fix common Mac Pro Logic Board problems including:

  • Kernel panic on start up,
  • Mac Pro desktop computer turning on,
  • computer randomly restarting, freezing,
  • no power or noisy fan
  • ATI X1900 XT,  ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT video card issues,
  • distorted video, no video,
  • audio problems, black screen,
  • USB ports not working,
  • sleep problems (Mac Pro won't wake up from sleep),
  • Wi-Fi problems,
  • Mac Pro is overheating and shutting down.

Expert Mac Pro Logic Board Repair and upgrade in London

Expert Mac pro logic board repair can  troubleshoot and fix any  mac pro serious problems developed over the course of its life. A a range of things can go wrong. From failure to start to the annoying kernel panic screen, here at AppleLap UK, we understand how frustrating when your mac pro go down without a warning. At our Mac pro logic board repair Centre, we use highly specialized diagnostic and troubleshooting equipment and repair tools to identify and fix logic board faults. Contact us for your free Apple Mac Pro logic board repair or replacement quote.