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MacBook Air keyboard repair

Our MacBook Air keyboard Repair and replacement serviceMacBook pro keyboard replacement for your laptop is an inexpensive way to improve the general lifespan and user experience of your machine. Apt AppleLap we don’t over charge for repair or replacement of your MacBook Air laptop keyboard. We can restore your laptop keyboard or keyboard keys to full functionality at realistic rate. So, if you experience any issues with your MacBook Air laptop keyboard such as unresponsive keys, sticky keys or missing keys, liquid damage, bring your laptop to us for inexpensive MacBook Air keyboard Repair and replacement service, get your keyboard fixed by highly trained at AppleLap UK.

Avoid liquid spillage to prevent keyboard replacement

Comprehensive MacBook Air keyboard Repair and replacement service. When you have a liquid spill on your MacBook Air laptop keyboard, we are human and accidents happen; you must immediately turn of your laptop immediately and wipe off as much of the liquid as you can with a clean cloth. Then straightaway bring your laptop in to AppleLap UK as soon as possible for quick check-up as liquids will damage the internals of your keyboard such as membrane, in that way, your may only require MacBook Air keyboard repair or replacement. Many users turn on their laptops after a liquid spill before qualified laptop keyboard repair technician has inspected the laptop and in so doing, the liquid make way to the motherboard, causing extensive damage to the motherboard circuits.

MacBook Air laptop keyboard repair and replacement specialist

AppleLap UK have been MacBook Air keyboard Repair and replacement service to laptop owners for more than ten years. Our technicians are well trained and can pin-point the cause of common keyboard problems and carry out low cost keyboard repair and replacement.

Expert MacBook Air keyboard Repair to individual users and business in London. Although physical damage causes keyboard problems to some extent, most keyboard faults are the result of  liquid spillage or unnecessary force. Other faults such as damaged membrane are hidden faults that cause MacBook Air laptop keyboard to malfunction in long run. Our team of technicians are highly trained in the techniques of troubleshooting, diagnose keyboard problems speedily and correctly and suggest the best course of action, which could be:

  • To cleaning dirt and crumbs from under the keys.
  • To replace or repair damaged or missing keys.
  • Recommend Keyboard replacement if is the only option.

Quick MacBook Air laptop keyboard repair and replacement

AppleLap UK MacBook Air keyboard Repair technicians have access to most spare parts for MacBook Air laptops for quick keyboard repair and replacement. We can fix problems sticky, unresponsive or missing keys on the same day. More severe problems such as bad connection between keyboard and motherboard might take a few days longer to fix.

Low cost MacBook Air Touchpad Replacement

Our MacBook Air keyboard Repair include repairs of your MacBook Air laptop mouse. MacBook Air laptop mouse keeps freezing, skipping, hard to control the cursor, come to AppleLap UK for complete keyboard repair and replacement service to sort out MacBook Air Touchpad faults inexpensively.

Our MacBook Air keyboard Repair team can arrange same day courier pick-up and delivery services for customers in London. Come to AppleLap UK and take advantage of our special MacBook Air keyboard repair rates. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 020 7582 2312 or email us at