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MacBook Pro Repairs

AppleLap UK offers expert MacBook pro repairs to homes and small businesses in London and across the UK.macbook pro repairs If you are in need of low cost MacBook pro repairs and upgrades, consult AppleLap UK. We are a professional London apple store, offering comprehensive MacBook pro repairs and upgrades to clients nationwide at affordable rates. We deliver low cost MacBook pro Repairs tailored to meet every customer’s requirements. It is frustrating when your laptop breaks down in the middle of important assignment or project. The hard drive might suddenly stop working or make clicking noise; the display hinge won't hold up anymore; the logic board develops a fault, white flickering lines will appear across the display or other related component level failures. Unfortunately we can help! We can fix most of MacBook notebook computer.

Low cost London MacBook pro repairs

Concerned about London MacBook pro repairs cost? At AppleLap UK, we offer reasonably priced same day MacBook pro repairs at our store in London. AppleLap UK can assure clients of our expertise and ability to deliver a high quality and comprehensive service. We operate the most technologically advanced workshop manned by a dedicated team of highly skilled team to support home users and businesses all over the United Kingdom, you can trust in us to take care of your needs.

Same Day MacBook Pro Repairs, London UK

The cost of MacBook pro repairs in London has come down dramatically. To be precise, our apple MacBook pro repairs are cost effective; we have technical know-how, diagnostic tools and highly skilled team. We also stock wide range of spare parts; most jobs are completed within shortest turnaround times. We offer same day hard drive replacements, new screens and optical drives, as well as memory (RAM) upgrades and many other MacBook pro repairs. Our team has spent years building up knowledge across a wide range of issues affecting mac computers. Our expertise is built on our wealth of experience, the technical know-how of our highly-skilled hardware engineers and software technicians; we first diagnose, determine and recommend the appropriate solution for your defective notebook. Mentioned below are some of apple MacBook pro repairs we carry out on day to day basis.

  • The battery runs out very quickly,
  • The computer makes a clicking sound and it's very slow,
  • The laptop takes a really long time to boot up, to open programs or to run applications,
  • I think I may have a virus,
  • You don't hear a startup chime,
  • You don't hear any fan or drive noise.,
  • There is no video on your built-in or external display,
  • Heat problems and fan noise or fan running constantly,

apple MacBook Pro Upgrade Services

No matter the problem, simply bring in your laptop to for complete apple MacBook pro repairs and upgrade services, we’ll give you a free health to determine what the problem is. Our London MacBook Pro repairs team can save all your data, backup your data before a hardware error occurs. Issues we can troubleshoot and fix include display cracked or broken screen, logic board issues, liquid spill, water damage, component level failures and hinge replacement service.

You can bring in your defective notebook to our apple MacBook pro repair store in London. Our London MacBook Pro upgrades team will be more than happy to help with any issues affecting your valuable notebook computer.

MacBook Pro Repairs & Support Solutions.

If you experiencing any other related issues with your computer consult AppleLap UK’s Macintosh Certified Technicians for low cost MacBook Pro repairs & support solutions. We stock wide range of spare parts and accessories; therefore our London MacBook Pro repairs are quick with exceptionally fast turnaround times.

If you are interested in getting more information about our London MacBook Pro repairs, We also operate mail-in service home users and business across the UK. Please consult our Apple MacBook Repair Centre on 020 7582 2312 or send your request to us at