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Replace MacBook Pro Logic Board

Looking into replacing your MacBook Pro Logic Board? At AppleLap UK we fix almost all MacBook Pro Logic Board problems!Replace MacBook Pro logic problems AppleLap UK, situated in Central London, specialises in solving almost all of MacBook Pro logic board problems at highly competitive rates for business and home users in the United Kingdom. If you experience Apple logic board related problems. We can troubleshoot, evaluate and repair a wide range of problems with the MacBook pro logic board. Experiencing 2009 MacBook pro logic board problems or 2008 MacBook pro logic board failure! Don’t worry, just place a call to AppleLap UK, where MacBook Pro Logic Board repair cost less to fix. Our main objective is to deliver quality of service at reasonable rate. Regardless of the model of your Apple Macbook Pro, we can help you replace your Logic board.

Replace MacBook Pro logic board! We are less expensive compared to our competitors. At AppleLap UK, we use genuine apple hardware products, all repairs will be completed using genuine Apple parts for repair service. Our Highly trained Mac laptop repair technicians are well vast with laptop motherboard as well as MacBook Pro logic board repair for 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro models. They can fix most of the MacBook Pro Logic Board problems such as scrambled or distorted video, appearance of unexpected lines on the screen, kernel panic messages, regular freezing, crashes randomly, power issues, non-functioning ports, shuts off at random, overheating, audio problems and fan issues.

2009 MacBook pro logic board problems

 If you are experiencing 2009 MacBook pro logic board problems, please bring or send your MacBook Pro laptop to our Mac repair centre and our expert technicians can carry out a diagnosis to find out precisely what is wrong with the laptop and consequently inform you the MacBook Pro logic board repair cost

2008 MacBook pro logic board failure

Our MacBook Pro logic board repair technicians can fix 2008 MacBook pro logic board failures including flickering screen which needs restarting, and a frozen clock or a video card fail. Instead of expensive MacBook Pro logic board replacement, AppleLap UK’s experienced Mac laptop hardware engineers can repair your logic board and reduce your costs. We will also help you to replace damaged Graphics video card, ICS, chips and USB ports for 2008 15" MacBook Pro, late 2006 with ATI graphics. If your old logic board is extensively damaged, you can have a new MacBook Pro logic board replacement.

MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair UK

AppleLap UK’s MacBook logic board repairs is available all over the UK. If you require fast, efficient MacBook Pro Logic Board replacement services, call us, we can arrange professional courier pick up services for those who cannot bring their faulty Apple Laptop to our repair centre. Call our specialist London Apple Mac logic board repair and upgrade services at 020 7582 2312 or e-mail us at info(at)