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Wet MacBook Pro Repair

AppleLap UK is a Mac repair company situated in London UK, offering wet MacBook Pro repairWet MacBook Pro Repair and general mac water damage diagnosis services. We are a reputable and knowledgeable wet MacBook pro repair service provider for MacBook pro component level troubleshooting and parts replacement service for all makes and models of Apple MacBook Pro laptop computers that have extensive water damage or liquid spill problems. Our capable technicians make use of the advanced diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure fast and detailed fault finding and repair solutions for all wet MacBook pro laptop models.

  • MacBook - Wet MacBook pro. is it broken? NO
  • Wet MacBook pro! Does it have a chance to survive? Yes

We are a trustworthy and experienced wet MacBook pro repair service provider: 

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Same Day London Wet MacBook pro Repair

Have you got a wet MacBook pro? Best thing to try would be to let the MacBook pro dry totally before trying to power it up. Whatever you do don’t turn it on! Place the MacBook so that it can drain and dry effectively. Then consult AppleLap UK and let it can be inspected by a professional MacBook pro expert. If you wet MacBook pro with water or other liquid, large amount of water on MacBook pro laptop may affect the logic board, keyboard and other internal components. The damage caused by liquid depends on whether the liquid has made contact with the internal mechanisms of the logic board of your MacBook computer. AppleLap UK has the latest BGA rework stations and equipment to repair and replace any components on MacBook pro logic board. As part of troubleshooting and cleaning liquid spillage, we offer the quickest turnaround time on all Apple MacBook pro logic board repair. We also provide complete logic board replacement service at reasonable rates. In worst case scenario, The AppleLap UK mac repair team can offer you a secure hard drive data recovery service for your Apple Mac laptop and desktop computers.

Bring your wet MacBook pro to our repair store and se e how we have been helping other customers repair their wet MacBook pro laptops.To receive a free wet MacBook pro repair quote for your particular MacBook Pro model, please give us a call on 020 7582 2312 or forward your request to us at info(at)